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IELTS Speaking 5.5

IELTS Exam / IELTS test speaking tips for IELTS preparation

Explanation \u0026 Example of how to get BAND 5.5 and what 5.5 is like?

Here, I give all the explanations \u0026 details of what you need to know to get 5.5 from an official IELTS interview speaking TEST ~!!

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Andy Ryan : 2.43 One thing he did good was - oh dear
Imran Bsc : This is section 1 or section 3?

아이엘츠 스피킹 Band 5.5 한국인 모의시험 (피드백 포함) IELTS Speaking [edm아이엘츠]

아이엘츠 스피킹 시험, 한국 학생이 직접 쳐봤습니다!
어떻게 진행되는지 궁금하시죠?

누구랑 진행했냐구요? 저희 학원의 대표 스피킹 강사,
Johnny 선생님과 함께 진행한 스피킹 모의시험입니다.
응시자는 Band 5.5 Candidate이구요.
심지어 선생님의 채점 결과도 (feedback)포함되어 있습니다. (이 부분은 자막이 함께해요~)

IELTS 스피킹 공부, 어떻게 해야하는지 막막하시죠?
Johnny 선생님과 함께 edm에서 함께 준비해보는건 어떨까요?

아래 링크를 따라가보시죠.

강의에서 만나요~!
Timeless : Where is this center located? I would like to take ielts here.
Im A boy : the man looks mad
이강혁 : Honestly speaking, an examiner in this video is really generous. My examiner was tough, so I panicked. I dont think she deserves 5.5.
남기재 : 시험관님이 너무 귀찮아하는거 같은데
멜베사 : 영어를 못한다기보단 보통 할말을 지어내서라도 하는데 할말을 짧게요약하는듯
Fedwa : so cuuuute btw hahah
Đức Mạnh Bạch : I feel she answer very cute
優チャンネル : He is really a kind teacher, please became my ielts examiner, I might be able to get 7 or 6.5 lol
Haram Lim : 5.0 actually or 4.5
Đạt Lê Ngọc : band 5

IELTS Speaking band score 5 5 candidate: Aya

If you need more help with your IELTS preparation, check out my free online IELTS course at

Thank you to New Zealand Language Centres for helping make this IELTS video:

IELTS Speaking band score 5.5 candidate: Watch Aya, who previously got an IELTS Speaking band score 5.5, talk about an IELTS Speaking Part 2 topic for 2 minutes.

Then, listen to me talk about how Aya can improve her speaking and get a higher IELTS band score.

Tina Hachani : Happy to know that prononciation can help to get a better score ..we haven t this problem in algeria
wahyu hidayat : I wish I learned IELTS in that class room with you Mr. Jones
akhmad sarony : anybody need a buddy to practice speaking? hit me up!
Travel Adventure : I don't understand what she's saying ‍♂
Narendra Gupta : I need a partner to improve my english skill especially speaking, would you please.
Whatsapp +919993048112
Vlogs Loyd : I'm so thankful to see it because there is also some people who have similarly level with mine. I just thought most people are higher than me.
Aiman Mohammed : Interesting
Quyen La : hello guys,i'm come from vietnam,my nam is Quyen.I want to improve my speaking skills.please add my skype :4867ca685bb4ca06
Trung Đang : Hello everybody
My name is Trung and I want to raise ielts from 5.5 to 6.5. You can call me on facebook. My nickname is Đặng Đức Trung.
Thank you
Trang Nguyen Ngoc Quynh : Hi everyone. My name is Trang. My Ielst speaking score is about 5,5. The score isn' too high. So I wish I can learn and practise English with you. If you want we can practise English together, please contact with me ( I hope we can make friends. Thanks :))


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